Friday, 22 June 2012

My day in the rain...

I am the only person in the world it seems who doesn't care about the Olympic Torch. Despite this I rashly promised to help school look after 450 kids while they walked through the lashing rain to get a view of the torch going past. AN HOUR later ( thats an hours worth of lashing rain later )the torch came into view on the horizon. There was a quick cheer and waving of flags, a brief glimmer of something shiny....and then it was over !!...and we all squelched back to class ! Great...


  1. ha ha! that's gonna be me on Monday morning.....can't flipping wait :-/

  2. For goodness sake.....don't'll miss it !!

  3. ohhhh sounds like it was worth it then!!!!
    Do I hear the words never again!!!!!

  4. oh dear-doesn't sound like fun :0(