Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Big trouble !!

I'm in BIG trouble !! ......ages and ages and ages ago my husband asked me if I would help the vicar down the road find a donkey for the Easter service. ( dont ask !! ) ' Oh just leave it with me' I said....'easy peasy!'.....then promtly forgot !! ....and now its very very nearly Easter....and theres not a donkey to be the whole of Morecambe.....not even on the beach....where you once couldn't move for hoards of donkeys !! please please.....if you live in / around / near the Morecambe area.....and you have a spare donkey....and its free on Palm Sunday....and it fancies a day out......give me a shout !!


  1. Ha ha!!! Looks to me like it'll be you and your hubby in a pantomime donkey costume on Palm Sunday...I'd go front end if I were you :-)

  2. ....apparently thats plan B ! There has to be a donkey in Morecambe...there just has to be....I think my friend may have found a minature horse....that'll do....know one will notice !!

  3. Hello!

    I love visiting your blog and so I've just awarded you the Liebster Blog Award!

    My blog is here you can see who else i have given this award too. x

  4. Hi Angela....thanx so kind of you....have been over to your blog to write a big thankyou ! x