Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Seamus saves the day !

Well...here he is...Seamus the Irish Donkey ! He was an absolute star.....a real professional. He was a last minute find and it was down to the wire....but he stood in....even though Tilly ( Mrs Seamus ) was on the verge of giving birth !!....and....he managed to get through his big moment without ANY donkey mess !! ( which was a relief as I seemed to be in charge of clearing the donkey mess ! ). I have to say a really BIG thanks to John and Lisa xx for bringing him.

So...if anyone would like to meet Seamus he lives at Docker Park Farm near Kirkby Lonsdale....which is a fab place....with fab animals....and fab food....where fab kids will have a fab time ! Go visit !


  1. Well done Seamus!
    Although I rather liked the pantomime donkey idea myself....

  2. I know....my husband was quite up for it....worryingly x

  3. Pleased to see that you tracked down the donkey. Just think, if you start early enough next year, you could have a whole herd... is more than one donkey a herd?